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Kick Off Spring With Clean Carpet

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In Houston, it often feels like spring year-round, but according to the calendar, spring is officially here. If you're like many homeowners, this time of year sparks an urge that sends your cleaning efforts into high gear. While on a quest to refresh your home, don't forget about the carpets. Learn what things you can do to keep your carpets clean this spring and beyond.

Schedule a Professional Cleaning

Want to know a dirty secret? Carpet in the average home is roughly 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. If you want to keep your carpets cleaner, you need to begin with a clean surface. A professional carpet cleaning is how you can accomplish this.
Professional carpet cleaning is an in-depth process that removes stains on the surface of the carpet, as well as those deeper stains that you don't see. By removing these old stains, you remove any build-up trapped inside the carpet and reveal fresher and better-looking carpet. Contact a cleaning service to schedule an appointment.

Set Limits

Children are joyous and a lot of fun, but children can sometimes create messes, especially on carpet. If you have small children in the home, set limits on what type of objects you do and don't allow on the carpet. Take art time, for example.
If a child is lying on the ground pressing firmly into the paper with a marker, the color can easily bleed through the paper and stain the carpet. Keep this type of activity at a table. You should also be mindful at snack time; if it's not water, have your child keep the drink away or buy a spill-proof cup to eliminate accidents.

Set a Vacuuming Schedule

Frequent vacuuming should be a staple if you want to keep your carpet clean. How often you need to vacuum the carpet depends on the level of traffic in the space. For rooms with heavy traffic, such as the living room, it's best to vacuum the floor at least once a day.
For rooms with average traffic to light traffic, you can get away with anywhere from weekly vacuuming to two times a week. If you have pets, you need to vacuum the rooms where your pet spends their time daily, regardless of the level of traffic in the room.

Rely on Floor Mats

A leading reason why carpet is dirtier than toilet seats are shoes. When you walk outside, your shoes encounter everything from mud to fecal matter. Place floor mats at all the outside entry doors around your home so that your family can wipe their feet on the mats.
To take your efforts even further, encourage your family to use the rug as a landing to remove their shoes before they walk into the house. Choose a mat with an abrasive surface to help easily dislodge any dirt trapped on the bottom of the shoe.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Equipment

All vacuums are not created equal, and a vacuum is not meant to last forever. If you don't have a quality cleaner or it's long past its expiration period, running the unit is doing little to clean the floors. First, you need a vacuum with powerful suction.
If you're constantly going over the same areas to remove visible dirt, a great deal of dirt is likely being left behind. In terms of life span, the average vacuum lasts around eight years. Once you near this timeframe, start thinking about a replacement. 
At Steam Local Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning, we offer full-service carpet cleaning services. Contact us to learn how we can revamp and refresh your carpet.


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