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How to Prepare Your House for Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Carpet Using Vacuum
Over time, carpet develops dirt and stains that detract from its appearance and can affect the air quality in your house. While regular vacuuming helps to keep dirt and mold spots down, a time comes eventually when your carpets need professional cleaning.
During a professional carpet cleaning service, special equipment is used to remove dirt and stains that are deep in the fibers. Then, the dirty water is extracted, and you can opt to have special stain-prevention treatments applied for further protection.
While the professionals handle the bulk of this process, you can use these tips to prepare your house to get the most out of the cleaning service.

Vacuum Each Room

Although the carpet technician uses a high-suction vacuum to remove dirt from the floor, you should still clean up the surface debris in each room that you plan to have cleaned. Not only does this increase the effectiveness of the service, but you will also find it easier to detect problem areas on the carpet.

Inspect the Carpet for Stains

Stains on the carpet can be removed using special treatments during the cleaning service. Inspect each room for stains from things like wine, pet urine, or food that may not be lifted using general cleaning methods.
As you check each room, try to identify the source of the stain so that the cleaning team can prepare for the removal. If you are unsure of the source, consider factors such as the location and color to give you a clue.
For example, grease stains may be found near the garage, whereas a pet stain may be the cause of the dark spot located near the back door. Once you've identified the problem areas, let the staff know about them when you call for the appointment and point them out to the technician when they arrive.

Move the Furniture

Furniture such as couches and tables cover large portions of the carpet that need to be cleaned. Prior to the appointment, move furniture to another location so that every surface of the carpet is accessible.

Remove Breakable Items From the Room

Professional carpet technicians take great care to avoid causing any type of damage. However, you may feel better to know that fragile items are off of the floor and out of the way of cords and hoses. A few items that may need to be removed from the room are floor lamps, sculptures, and electronics that sit directly on the carpet.

Clear the Driveway

Carpet cleaning services often involve using truck-mounted equipment that gives powerful results. Make sure to leave the part of your driveway that is closest to the door clear so that there is room for the cleaning van. If you share a parking lot with neighbors, let them know that you need the space before the cleaning service date.

Secure Floor Length Window Treatments

Floor length drapes create a dramatic appearance in a room, yet you must take care to keep them off of the wet carpet to prevent damage. Although you may prefer to remove the drapes completely, you can also use ties or hooks to hold them up out of the way.

Make Plans for Pets and Kids

The majority of carpet cleaning solutions are safe for pets and children, but you may want to notify the crew if there are any allergies in your household. Then, make plans to keep your kids and pets away from the areas that are cleaned so that you don't have to worry about dirt being tracked on the carpet while it is still wet.
At Steam Local Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning, we use high-powered equipment and dehumidifiers to deep clean carpets and get them dry as soon as possible. Give us a call today to schedule your carpet cleaning.


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